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Mandalorian Ghosts is now Recruiting!
Our Motto: We are guild striving for the betterment of all players. By helping one another we help ourselves.
Saturday, May 4, 2013
Mandalorian Ghosts battle for Makeb!
Mandalorian Ghosts is currently recruiting new members who are looking to be a part of a fun group that will have heavy concentration on PVP, PVE, overall player progression, End Game Content, and for those who like to do things both as a team and have a supportive community.

We are mostly casual players that with previous MMO experience so many hours a week (with family and busy schedules). All play styles are welcome to join. Overall, if you are looking for a very open minded, drama free, variety of players/play stlyes, and a fun focused group, then this may be the guild for you.

  • Click on the Class Link for the main character you wish to or are currently playing and complete the application to Mandalorian Ghosts.
  • Once you application is complete it will be reviewed by the officers of the guild and you will be contacted by your preferred method so that we can chat with you.
  • If your application is accepted you will likely be advised at that time and you will also receive a formal email notification from the website. Please create and account and character on
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