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Online Application
Please answer every question. Your Application will then be submitted for review by the leadership of the guild
Important Information for Applicants
Thank you for your interest in Mandalorian Ghosts. We are currently recruiting all classes and rolls. We have a progression raid group as well as a regular/casual raiders, those that enjoy pvp, and those just like a sociable home.

Your Character's Name:
Email Address:
Please list your prefered method of contact either in game by character name or via email provided on the application. You can also reach out to us in game by contact our GM or one of our officers.

GM - Nuronica, Officers - Ayaku, Larm, Larane
What is your past MMO experience?
What do you want from a guild?
What role will you play as your main (Tank, Heal, DPS)?
Is there anything else you would like to tell us?
For Security, please enter the contents of this box:


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